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  • custom Decals / Stickers / Labels

    Decals, stickers, and labels are generally used as hazardous, warning or safety signs to adhere to machinery and other surfaces. Signarama Dixie provides labels, decals, stickers, and window graphics throughout Toronto, Mississauga, and North York.

    lobby sign by signarama dixie

    Custom Label / Sticker / Decal

    Custom Decals are produced as pressure sensitive labels, wall decals, window stickers, floors, cars, and any packaging labels. A custom label is used for both outdoor and indoor. Signarama Dixie print your custom stickers and labels on the highest quality durable self-adhesive vinyl. And they are 100% weatherproof and chemical resistant. In our factory, your stickers and labels can be made in any size, shape, and color. You can easily stick to any machines, vehicles, and items.

    wall decals

    Wall Decal / Wall Sticker

    A custom wall sticker is not just to make your office atmosphere eye-catching, it also is the best place to put your message on. Wall Decals come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.

    Safety Decal / Hazardous Sticker / Warning Label

    Warning labels are made to warn and inform people at workplaces such as factories and where they work with machinery. Signarama Dixie offers both standard hazardous stickers and custom safety Decals in the shortest time with the highest quality.

    fire extinguisher warning decal first aid kit safety decal hazardous labels no smoking stickers

    Window Decal

    Custom window Decal brings potential customers to the storefront or where ever you put it to shine your logo, your name, etc. Window stickers are very resistant to extreme conditions that can stick to all types of windows.

    window film

    Window Graphics / Etch Vinyl

    Etch vinyl Decal is a type of thin adhesive with a 'frosted' appearance. It can be cut to any shape, including company logos and text. Because it is translucent, not transparent, it is often used to create privacy in rooms with large windows.

    coroplast signs

    Coroplast Signs & Corrugated Plastic Signs

    Corrugated Plastic Signs are a Great Idea for Promotional Signs to Increase Sale and Customer Traffic. These Waterproof Coroplast Signs are Easy Installed on Post & Panel or Hang from Ceiling/Wall.

    Car Decal / Car Sticker / Vehicle Decal

    Car stickers can provide on cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorcycles and any other vehicles. Vehicle Decal is the best choice for fleet marketing.


    Floor Decal / Floor Sticker / Floor Label

    Custom floor Decal is the most effective method to grab the attention of all passersby. Signarama Dixie creates indoor and outdoor floor stickers suits all businesses. Our floor Decals are water and slip-resistant. Floor stickers apply easily on any surfaces and remove neat if necessary.

    Printed Decal Lamination

    Printed Decals can be protected and increased their lifespan by choosing to have them laminated. Signarama Dixie will apply a thin layer of gloss or matte laminate before cutting your Decals to their specified shape.

    Colored Vinyl Masking Decal

    If you choose to go with colored vinyl instead of print, you may find it difficult to apply the complex shape of your decal. This is why our decals come pre-masked. This means that a layer of masking tape has been applied over the whole Decal. You apply the masking tape/decal to the desired surface and then remove the masking tape. Your sticker will stay on the surface.

    Reflective Decal / Reflective Sticker

    A reflective sticker is a permanent sticker. Reflective Decals throw back the light.

    Installation and Customer Service

    Signarama Dixie uses high-quality modern machines to print out Decals digitally. Digital techniques make the operation of Decal fabrication easy and fast.

    Printers can cut the printed vinyl sticker to any shape. If the die-cut decal is in multiple pieces, you will receive the decal "masked". This simply means that it will be covered with masking tape to preserve the positioning of all the pieces of the Decal. When we want to apply it, simply stick the whole thing to your desired material, press the vinyl pieces into the material firmly, then peel away the masking tape. The vinyl Decal piece should be smoothly applied to your material and the masking tape should come right off.

    Our professional team is handling the whole process of Decal production from the beginning to the end. To find out what vinyl Decal is best for you please contact us at Phone: 905-564-1824 or Email:billboards@bellnet.ca.

    What is Decal? +
    Decal or sticker is a pattern design on a substrate and can move to another surface.
    What does Decal sign used for? +
    Decals and stickers are generally used as hazardous, warning or safety signs to adhere on machineries and other surfaces. Custom Decals can be produced for windows, walls, door, floors, cars, machineries and any packaging industries. It also can be used for both outdoor signs and indoor signs.
    What are the most common types of Decal signs?+
  • Safety Decal / Hazardous Sticker / Warning Label
  • Printed Decal Lamination
  • Colored Vinyl Masking Decal
  • Reflective Decal / Reflective Sticker
  • Floor Decal / Floor Sticker
  • Wall Decal / Wall Sticker
  • Window Decal / Window Sticker
  • Car Decal / Car Sticker / Vehicle Decal
  • What's the price of decals? +
    Price depends on the design and material used. Please contact us to get a free quote!

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