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  • Custom Decals & stickers

    Product labels, safety labels, custom stickers and custom wall decals. Signarama Dixie can make custom decals for any purpose.

    Stickers and Decals

    Use your window space to advertise your business with Signarama's high quality window graphics. Can be applied inide or outside. Avaialble in full colour.

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    Coloured Vinyl Masking

    If you choose to go with coloured vinyl instead of print, you may find it difficult to apply the complex shape of your decal. This is why our decals come pre-masked. This means that a layer of masking tape has been applied over the whole decal. You apply the masking tape/decal to the desired surface and then remove the masking tape. Your decal will stay on the surface.

    Coloured Vinyl Vs. Printed Vinyl

    Decals can be created in two ways. It depends on the graphic that will be on the decal and the intended use of the decal. Decals that have many colours or contain photographs have to be printed on white vinyl. In contrast, if your decal is a simple graphic with very few colours you may want to consider coloured vinyl as it generally looks better.

    Printed Decal Lamination

    You can protect your printed decals and increase their lifespan by choosing to have them laminated. Signarama will apply a thin layer of gloss or matte laminate before cutting your decals to their specified shape.

    Custom Decal Image Gallery